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Covelo Organic, Mendocino Renegade Certified
Contact: Brandon Gatto
Address: 23600 Hopper Lane po box 305 Covelo, CA, 95428
Phone: 707-272-0623
About Us
We grow seasonal produce on a 30 year old organic farm in the Round Valley. We have a well outfitted packing barn and walk in cooler to ensure that our produce is always handled correctly and gets to you fresh. The farm consists is 6 acres of mixed vegetable and flower beds and 2 acres of asian pears, apples and peaches.
Mendocino Renegade Certified. The garden is cover croped with bell beans, rye and triticale in the fall. This cover crop is then incorporated into the soil before planting in the spring. Mulch (organic rice straw), crop rotation, purchased organic compost, frequent soil tests and amendments are all used to maintain the farm's soil fertility.