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Wavelength Farm
Contact: Kelan and Carly Daniel
City: Manchester, CA,
Phone: 310-433-4604
About Us
Wavelength farm is a 100-acre diversified farm and ranch located at the northern terminus of the San Andreas faultline in Manchester on the Mendocino coast. We seek to steward our gardens and pastures through innovative and regenerative farming practices.

We produce a range of vibrant healthy heirloom vegetables & fruit, as well as pastured free-range poultry & lamb. In the future, we hope to accommodate guests to the farm to experience a synthesis of ecological education and culinary arts.

By highlighting food systems as a unifying concept, guests and students are taught to grow, prepare, and eat nutritious seasonal produce. The experience of this cycle cultivates a deeper understanding of the integral roles our ecology and food play in our lives and promotes the social and environmental health of our communities.