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Rhizing Ground Farm
Contact: Megan & Cameron
Address: 44926 Morand Dr. Caspar, CA, 95420
Phone: 925-200-2261
About Us
Rhizing Ground Farm was formed by Cameron Crockett and Megan Isaacs in the spring of 2017. They share a common history of growing up in suburbia, moving to the city, and eventually leaving their urban lives and careers to start farming. Cameron and Megan both showed passions for the arts while growing up but were drawn to farming as a way to connect with nature, nourish themselves, and contribute to community. Through their journey they found they could meet their creative needs through regenerative agriculture.

Megan and Cameron’s partnership began while working together at Fortunate Farm in Caspar, Ca. In the fall of 2017, they moved to a 20.5 acre parcel adjacent to Fortunate Farm where Rhizing Ground Farm currently operates. The farms landscape is made of pasture/coastal prairie, riparian woodland and borders Jackson Demonstration State forest. Megan and Cameron aim to produce and abundance of nutrient dense food for themselves and their community, while working to regenerate ecosystems and provide their livestock with a high quality of life.
Eggs: Our hens eat Certified Organic Non-GMO feed from Scratch and Peck Feeds, a premium quality feed made from raw whole grains. We ferment the feed which offers the hens probiotics and increased nutrient absorption. They live outdoors in a mobile coop and are moved every 2 to 4 days to a new piece of pasture. Their coop features roll-away nest boxes so eggs stay clean and we hand collect and pack them every day. Our hens are protected from predators by mobile electric net fencing, and a resident plastic "guard owl.”