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Peace and Plenty Farm
Contact: Simon and Melinda
Address: 4550 Soda Bay Rd. Kelseyville, CA, 95451
About Us
We are a hard working team of two - Simon, a former wildlife biologist, and Melinda, a community organizer and entrepreneur. Melinda has worked in education, technology, catering, and as a farm apprentice, and learned perseverance and resilience as a single mom. Simon has worked most of his life outdoors, in land management and protecting wildlife and the environment, and his love of nature and ability to fix pretty much anything is indispensable on the farm.
At Peace & Plenty Farm, our goal is to build a thriving organic farm that creates a place for community to gather for weddings and events; a place for school children to learn; and to help contribute to an economy of sustainable agriculture.

We believe by building a farm to support the local food movement, and using organic practices, we can contribute to a more resilient American food system. Our goal is for this farm to promote the local community, improve the health of the land, and minimize the environmental impact of farming. The property was once known as “Gaddy Ranch,” and was the most prosperous and flourishing homestead in the area. The farmhouse and barn both date back to the mid 1800's and remind us what was once the backbone of this country - small family farms.