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Mulligan Gardens
Contact: Michiel Rueb
Address: P.O. Box 1818 600 Mulligan Lane Laytonville, CA, 95454
Phone: 951-999-0987
About Us
Mulligan Gardens is a 20 acre family homestead located in Laytonville CA. We grow mushrooms, herbs and spices and raise pigs, goats, chickens and ducks for meat and eggs and keep bees for all our sweetness needs. We sell our products at local farmers markets, to grocery stores, restaurants and caterers.
We strive to be as self sufficient as possible. We use minimal outside inputs. Never any chemicals or other nasty things. We combine manure from our animals, spent substrate from mushroom cultivation, green things from the gardens and sawdust from our saw mill to make the most beautiful compost that we top dress our garden beds with. We also use it to make compost tea which our plants love.