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Thanksgiving Coffee
Address: P.O. Box 1918 Fort Bragg, CA, 95437
Phone: 707-964-0118
The Bee Bold coffee showcases Thanksgivings' favorite Organic Shade Grown and Fair-trade coffees. The coffee grown under the forest shade, allows the bright flavor to develop and is in harmony with its surrounding environment. Not only does the coffee taste better, but it shares and supports the habitat of the birds and bees.
Thanksgiving Coffee Company is so passionate about Pollinators that they have created a product line to support the work of Pollinator Protectors. The Bee Bold Coffee Campaign offers a steady funding source for the survival of the pollinators for future generations through the work of the Bee Bold Alliance. (
The mission is to renew biodiversity and sustain local food security through pollinator protection.
They achieve this goal in three ways:
1. Engaging local businesses to help preserve critical habitats and provide pollinator awareness
2. Developing youth leaders to lead systemic change for pollinator survival in local food systems
3. Restoring pollinator sanctuaries to provide critical infrastructure for renewed biodiversity