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Spreadwing Farm
Contact: Cathy Suematsu, Michael Smith, Liz Schroeder, Brent Levin
Address: 2563 Rumsey Canyon Rd. Rumsey, CA,
Phone: 707-684-6166
About Us
Our farm is located in the bucolic Capay Valley, 60 miles NW of Sacramento. Hot summers, mild winters, Class 1 agricultural soils, and abundant surface water create some of the most ideal growing conditions in the world. We are blessed to be surrounded by an extremely supportive community of organic farmers who are always happy to share advice or a tractor implement. Our farm borders Cache Creek and is home to abundant wildlife including bald eagles, herons, otters, bobcats, and coyotes. We respect their right to live here too and strive to coexist in harmony with the native plant and animal communities. 25% of our land is a dedicated riparian habitat with no construction or planting of non-native species. We grow over 60 varieties of tree fruits, including apricots, peaches, plums, pluots, figs, persimmons, and pomegranates. Varieties are selected for outstanding flavor and extended harvest season. Summer vegetables include tomatoes, specialty peppers, okra, melons and watermelons, basil, summer and winter squash, cucumbers, onions, garlic, and potatoes. In the cooler season, we grow lettuce and salad greens, brassicas, beets, and other root vegetables.

Cathy Suematsu co-manages orchards and veggie crops. She named our farm after a damselfly. Michael Smith co-manages our orchard and veggie crops. He is also a published author and instructor of natural building techniques including straw bale and cob. Liz Schroeder is dedicated to pasture management and vegetable production. She has a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as running a small dairy. Brent Levin manages our pastured chickens, co-manages vegetable production, and leads our marketing team. He also works as an organizational development consultant.
Our small scale (2 acres of veggies and 4 acres of tree crops) allows us to focus on producing the

highest quality, best tasting, and most nutrient-dense food available.

We are certified organic by Yolo County Organic Agriculture. They make sure we don’t use chemical

pesticides or fertilizers. However, there is no certification for all of the additional practices that make

our farm sustainable and our food extra nutritious. For example, we manage our pastures intensively

to sequester carbon and provide the highest quality forages for our livestock. We soil test regularly

and supplement our soils with minerals to ensure that our produce yields outstanding flavor and

nutrition. We reduce soil loss and compaction by covering cropping and mulching, plant and cultivate by

hand to keep the tractor out of the fields, and till only when appropriate to preserve soil structure