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Mendocino Grain Project
Contact: Rachel Britten
City: Willits, CA, 95490
Phone: 707-841-1256
About Us
The Mendocino Grain Project is a little business with a big vision that begin in 2009. We believe that producing grain and other staple crops locally can allow us to make ecologically appropriate farming choices, provide food security for our region, and support the local economy. We also believe that when compared with commercial white flour, freshly milled whole grain flour provides measurably better nutrition and health benefits to those who consume it.

We are proud to grow 29 acres of heirloom grains and legumes in Redwood Valley as well as collaborate with other area farmers to bring fresh, locally grown staple crops to your table- including organic quinoa grown by our friend, Blake Richards at Wild Rose Farm in Humboldt county. We mill our own flour in small batches on our granite stone mill in North Ukiah. Always fresh, always 100% whole grain. We hope you enjoy!
At The Mendocino Grain Project we are committed to pursuing the most ecologically sound farming choices we can make. We grow without any herbicides or pesticides and we fertilize our soil with careful cover cropping practices and occasional compost. Currently, we are on the ever shifting journey to minimize how often and how much we disturb our soil (also known as conservation tillage). Our practices are ever-evolving and soil health is our guiding light. For us, healthy soil means healthy plants and we like that! Have more specific questions? Feel free to reach out - we love to talk about this stuff.