Nurturing Seed Farm
Contact: Mike Adams and Kami Lennox
Address: PO Box 396 Willits, CA, 95490
Email Address:
Phone: 707-472-1329
About Us
Nurturing Seed is an evolving farm cooperative that has been growing food and medicinal herbs in and around Willits in Mendocino County since 2010. We are good stewards of the earth, the land, the community, and ourselves. Some give time, some give donations, some give their expertise - all have gifts to contribute and all receive gifts in kind. We are farmers with a passion for growing food and herbs for the community. We approach each growing season as an opportunity to continue to nurture and grow ourselves as cultivators of the earth and each other.
Our craft creations are lovingly grown in living soil, under the sun, off & on-grid, with rain & well water, while practicing healthy, organic growing methods. Together we nurture our plants to produce nutritious food and medicinal herbs with delicious flavors and fragrant aromas.