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Nye Ranch - Mendocino Renegade Certified
Contact: Shea Burns, Patrick Burns and Karin Burns
Address: 23300 N. Hwy 1 Fort Bragg, CA, 95437
Phone: 530-519-9572
About Us
Nye Ranch is a diverse market farm run by Shea and Blair. Located in Fort Bragg, a quaint coastal town on the beautiful and rugged Mendocino Coast of Northern California. The farm is breathing new life into the property that was once a seaside dairy, taking advantage of the beautiful 120+ year old barn located at the heart of the property. The farm is situated 1,200 feet from the Pacific Ocean giving them a unique maritime climate with ample fog, whale watching, sandy soil and salty winds. Nye Ranch is a very diverse four-season farm growing cut-flowers, vegetables and strawberries on 3/4th of an acre on a six acre property situated alongside Highway 1.
Mendocino Organic Network "Renegade Certified". Growing in harmony with soil & sea. Nye Ranch grows in permanent raised beds incorporating a low-till approach, only disturbing the top 1 1/2” of soil. We incorporate cover crops in our rotations, apply certified organic compost and take advantage of the trace minerals of local kelp. We intend to balance our soil, sequester carbon and grow healthy plants that provide nutrient dense crops.

We are stewards of the land. While we usually only admit to living with one cats, two llamas and two dogs it is also fair to say that we share this land with a multitude of hawks, owls, herons, osprey, skunks, weasels, salamanders, newts, foxes, rabbits, ducks, deer, bats, geese, frogs, snakes etc etc. There has even been sightings of a black bear using our path to the beach. It’s wild and we love it. We received grant funding from the USDA NRCS to plant pollinator hedgerows throughout our farm. The hedgerow incorporates many species of native plants and herbs that provide flower forage and habitat for beneficial insects and small creatures that live on the farm and the surrounding area.