Anchor Bay Farm
Contact: Paul Flores and Angelina Acquaviva
Address: 43185 Fish Rock Rd Gualala , CA, 95445
Email Address:
Phone: 707-962-7467
About Us
Our interest in producing high-quality food grown without chemicals began 17 years ago when we attended the first organic agriculture courses offered by Cabrillo College and taught by Patrick Sweezy. For the last 17 years, we have grown our own produce implementing the organic practices we learned, combined with additional information gathered through our own research of William Albrecht’s soil balancing. Albrecht’s research was based on his discovery that the lack of minerals in the soil causes deficiencies in plants and animals. He found that by balancing and replenishing the minerals in the soil, the deficiencies in both plants and animals were addressed. This has been the foundation on which our farming practices have been built. Using ideally mineralized soil provides optimal plant health, which results in optimal nutritional value for those consuming our produce. In the past, we have grown just enough produce to share with family and friends while selling a small portion to local restaurants and grocery stores. Now, with the addition of more help, we are officially starting our farm and plan to provide the same quality product but with consistent quantity and availability. We are a small family farm located on the Mendocino coast in the heart of the banana belt of Anchor Bay. Our focus is growing high-quality, nutrient-dense heirloom produce.
All of our produce is grown from mineral-balanced soil. We use only OMRI-listed fertilizers and do not believe in using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. At Anchor Bay Farm, we implement natural farming methods such as crop rotation, cover crops, mulching, etc. Where in the process of becoming certified organic?