Lucky Monkeys Ranch
Contact: Lila Ryan
Address: 1711 Fort Bragg Rd. Willits, CA, 95490
Phone: 707-456-7711
About Us
Our Périgord Truffière is situated on about half an acre on a much larger parcel, centrally located in Mendocino County.
In 2009, still living in LA, we started planting trees in Willits—first a dozen pecan trees, then 250 truffle-inoculated hazel seedlings, then a few apples and pears. We were also developing off-grid water and power systems and building the wood heated house we would move into.

While we waited for the nuts and truffles, we planted more fruit trees, blueberry bushes, and a few chestnut trees (a 99% fat-free carbohydrate) for balance. We found out the hard way what it means to plant young trees in drought- parched ground. We learned all about voles and gophers. We replaced what died and pressed forward. After graduating the California Naturalist training in 2013, we began developing a water- and fire-wise domestic landscape based on the extraordinary beauty and fortitude of California native plants.

After many years, we hired trained truffle hunting dogs, and found - Truffles. Samples were sent to DNA testing labs on the west coast and east coast. Both confirmed Tuber Melanosporum, so after years, we knew we were on the right track.
Now that we are getting more consistent forays in the orchard, we have enough product to feel confident to partner with the Food Hub and have Truffles to offer about every 3 weeks in cool season.

In the spring, after harvest season is over, it's easy to spot the brûlé ( burnt bare earth ) around the most productive trees in the orchard.

our longer story:
Word of Mouth Magazine
No toxics added !
We hand pick the few caterpillars, and our orchard is well fenced. We use crushed oyster shell to control the ph for a truffle friendly environment.
Weed control is: hoe and mow and hoe again !
We bless the truffière with a maypole dance in the springtime