Buttercup Farm
Contact: Keith & Jes
Address: 235 Seabiscuit Dr. Apt H Willits, CA, 95490
Email Address:
Phone: 248-249-2885
About Us
We are Jes and Keith! Jes has been farming in Willits for 8 seasons. She spent five of those working at and managing the Ecology Action Research and Education Gardens with John Jeavons and the Biointensive method. There she gained a strong background in super small scale food production, growing staple crops, teaching, data collection, compost, and soil health. She left to start a project with Keith in 2018. Keith started by getting his Permaculture Design Certificate in Israel, became an apprentice at Livepower Community Farm and then managed a couple of gardens before joining forces with Jes to create Buttercup. We both share a commitment to stewarding the land in a way that is non-mechanized with a soil-first approach.
The Buttercup CSA started from scratch in 2018 as an experiment in using farm made compost as the only fertility needed to grow healthy food. After much community interest and support, it has grown into a 20 member CSA providing hyper fresh and local food to our community.
At Buttercup we believe in the productivity of a small, intensive, human powered, biodynamic farm. We are dedicated to using regenerative farming practices that include building all of our own compost, using open pollinated seeds, making our own potting soil, using minimal tillage techniques, utilizing cover crops, and more!
Biodynamic, Organic, Non-Mechanized, Open Pollinated Seeds