Blue Heron Farm - CCOF 57-003444
Contact: Gretchen Ceteras
Address: 2739 Rumsey Canyon Road Rumsey, CA, 95679
Email Address:
Phone: 530-796-3799
About Us
Blue Heron Farm is owned and operated by Gretchen and John Ceteras who have been growing Washington navel oranges, Valencia oranges, Clementine and Satsuma mandarins, Hartley and Chandler walnuts, Black Mission figs, Early Girl and Sun Gold tomatoes, as well as other tomato varieties on their 20-acre piece of land in Rumsey since 1983. Blue Heron Farm uses organic production practices. Gretchen has also been growing and woodburning hard-shelled gourds for her Dream Gourds for over 25 years. She has been creating the award gourds for the EcoFarm Conference for almost 20 years, and her work is included in two books produced by Jim Widess and Ginger Summit: Gourd Pyrography and Gourd Craft. She is also a regular contributor to the KVIE Art Auction.