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About Us
Confluence Farm is a small, but mighty organic farm. We grow vegetables, fruit and specialty cut flowers on 2.5 acres in Sonoma County, California.

Andy and Julia are chefs turned farmers who turned a love of cooking into a passion for farming. They met while working together in San Francisco and quickly moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where Julia opened a small bakery and Andy helped open a restaurant as their Executive Chef. Throughout their food careers, they remained committed to supporting local farms and highlighting the quality ingredients grown on them in their cooking. Andy has always had a green thumb (Julia has not), so they were always turning whatever small space they had in their yard into a garden, all the while getting to know many of the farmers in their area and finding inspiration in their work. When the opportunity came about to move back to the property where Julia grew up and start a farm, they decided to make the leap from cooking food to growing it. While Andy originally had the idea for the farm and a passion for growing, Julia quickly discovered how much she was drawn to farming as well. They jumped in head first, having never farmed before and learned through a lot of trial and error, reading, and the help of fellow farmer friends. A few of their favorite things about farming are working together, being outside and being able to cook with the veggies, fruit and herbs that they grow.
Confluence Farm is an organic vegetable and flower farm located in Sebastopol, CA along the picturesque Green Valley & Purrington creeks. We focus on generating the healthiest soil we can in order to grow the most nutrient dense and healthy vegetables possible. We believe in working with nature to create a farm that is mindful of protecting the environment around it. Sustainability is top of mind for us and we strive to improve the land in and around the farm not just for ourselves, but for future generations. A confluence is when two entities come together, be it water or people. Our food and flowers bring people together, whether it be at on our farm, self grown and catered events, or nurturing our own community and family through markets. Our motto is “Come Together, Eat Well”.